Hi friends!

Welcome to Fresh Ink!  We’ve been planning and plotting for months now, gathering scripts, setting dates, and pinky-swearing people to secrecy.  How fantastic to now share everything with the world!

I’m excited to work on these two productions, Priscilla Dreams the Answer and Trog and Clay (An Imagined History of the Electric Chair).  Walt McGough and Mike Vukadinovich are awesome playwrights, and I can’t wait to delve into these two crazy worlds.  Both scripts grabbed me instantly the first time I read them, and I am so thrilled we get to produce them.  One has a pair of aliens with a fondness for bubble wrap, the other has a pair of tramps who just want liver and onions.  Need I say more?

I’m excited to really start working on scripts.  Priscilla and Trog and Clay are already in top shape, no worries there, so the hardcore script work will come in the spring.  We will choose three plays that each get a reading, workshop, and then production in our 2012-2013 season.  What an opportunity to spend so much time focused on the development of new work!

And finally, I’m excited to work with the company and the audience.  Some of my favorite people have taken this leap with me — this could not have happened without each and every one of them.  And now the work begins to engage an audience who will be just as enthused as we are about new work.

Get those engines started, ladies and gents.  A new company has roared into town.