Next Steps for “Expecting”

I definitely did not expect to be writing here so soon about Expecting, but sometimes life takes us by surprise. A few days after my workshop ended, I received an email from Boston Actors Theater inquiring about changes I’d made to the script. I’d previously submitted an early draft of Expecting for their spring season, but after word spread about our exciting and successful workshop with Fresh Ink, they were curious to learn more.

Armed with the lessons learned from those few days with Fresh Ink, I dove into a new draft. On November 5th and 8th, Boston Actors Theater held readings of three plays. At the conclusion of those three readings, they would select the spring production. I am pleased to announce that Expecting has been chosen for a full production with Boston Actors Theater this spring. Performances will run from March 30th through April 7th at Boston Playwright’s Theater.

I would never be sitting here today continuing my revision process with an eye toward production if it hadn’t been for the workshop in September. The positive buzz it generated and the important changes it drove me to make mean that come spring, I will get to share my play with an audience for the first time. I can only hope my upcoming workshops with BAT in December and January yield such positive experiences and productive revision!