Party Time!

Hello all! Fresh Ink is about to have its first party ever and we hope you are as excited as we are. As the Community Manager, it’s been my job to find us a fun venue, obtain awesome decorations, and try to get as many folks to come on out as possible.  While we ultimately decided to go with Tommy Doyle’s (because they are fabulous!), many other spaces I reached out to were excited to hear about a new theatre company joining Boston’s already vibrant community.

Since it’s the weekend before Halloween, we highly encourage folks to come dressed in their finest — maybe you need to practice that Zombie makeup to make sure it’s perfect for Halloween, or you just really want a chance to dress up as that quirky teenager from that David Lynch show that nobody knows. Quirky teenagers who say such things as, “You know, sometimes I get so flushed, it’s interesting. Do your palms ever itch?” Bonus points if you know who this is! Or maybe you just love dancing, and that’s cool too.

No, but really, our party is all about launching our company and we want to MEET you all and chat. We hope you approach us if you come to the party and ask us about Fresh Ink and why we love theatre and what our goals are. We recently participated in our first workshop experience, where we workshopped our very own Noah Tobin’s play. It was quite the creative process, so ask us about that as well.  Our next show features aliens and bubble wrap…want to know more? Come to the party and ask us! We’re a company who wants to collaborate with not only playwrights, but with all sorts of artists. We’re all about conversing with you. Please come up to us and chat about art and life, or you know, your favorite beer (I’m a bit of a craft beer nut, so you can start there!). We are extremely interested in finding ways to work with the community, so if you have ideas, let us know. We look forward to seeing you out on the dance floor in your finest!

PS, There will be an awesome DJ, fun raffle prizes, and of course, pumpkin beer!