Preparing Priscilla

I am so warmed to find myself directing Walt McGough’s Priscilla Dreams the Answer for the fine folks of FIT. After meeting with Walt back in September, it became clear this collaboration would be a special one.

This story, about a young woman looking for a way to feel less alone in the world, epitomizes what makes me so excited to be working on this production with FIT. We each have a million stories in us to tell. Walt recognizes that whole heartedly.  I am extraordinary motivated anew each day by such a talented ensemble of actors and artistic team on board for this production. Priscilla’s world is a whimsical one, that seems to live in the hands of equally imaginative creators.

Walt gave me a giant hug when we finished the read through last week. This love, inclusiveness and whimsy that emanates from Mr. McGough, as well as FIT, are the ingredients I look forward to injecting and coming back to again in the coming weeks during rehearsals.