What to Expect When You Workshop “Expecting”

What an exciting week for Fresh Ink! After two nights of auditions for Priscilla Dreams the Answer, tonight we start a two-day workshop of Expecting by Noah Tobin.

It’s the first time Fresh Ink has done a development workshop and a lot of folks are workshop newbies, but we’ve assembled a rocking team to get us going. The lovely and talented Dawn Simmons will be directing, our own Noah Tobin has brought in his funny and complex script, and I’ll be serving as dramaturg. To top it off, we have some pretty rad actors to give it a voice and a couple friendly faces to observe the whole thing as it unfolds.

A workshop is one of my very favorite elements of the new play process. To me, it’s the space where theatre lives in its truest sense —  team of collaborators get be their most creative selves while trying out new ideas, discovering truths about characters, and playing with structure all with the aim of serving the text. Each process is unique and will change depending on the needs of a particular play, but the joy in finding those “ah ha” moments never goes away.

Expecting follows a woman as she decides if waiting for the right guy to come along is worth it when her biological clock is winding down. For this workshop, Noah has given us a few key elements to focus on during our time together. We’ll be looking for a consistent and authentic voice for the characters, examining how the play flows, and even debating whether we should get rid of a character or two all together. And that’s just a start! It’s a lot to tackle in a short time, and there’s no way to answer all of Noah’s questions in only two days, but hopefully we’ll help get the play one step closer to what he envisions.

I can’t wait to see how the play transforms and grows over the next two nights. We’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!